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Thank you so much for providing a much needed essential to our clients! As a mom myself I can see how much $$ goes into diapering my little one and for us to have a resource in which we can literally HELP A MOM OUT w/ diapers is incredibly helpful, humanizing, and downright beautiful. When you’re faced with having to stretch a limited income…a free stack of diapers can really make a huge difference. ~ New Beginnings Case Manager, Homeless Prenatal Program

“I’m a grandmother of one baby girl and I really appreciate that you give us diapers. I’m currently homeless and unemployed. I don’t have money to buy diapers, but thanks to you I can come here and get diapers, wipes, and formula.” - Anonymous Grandmother, Women’s Daytime Drop in Center

With the help of diapers, I am able to use the little money I have on food and other important necessities for my kids.” Mom of two, Women’s Daytime Drop in Center

“Having this Family Support Day diaper activity really helps me because I can spend a little less money on purchasing diapers for my 9 month baby boy.  At this event, I can also make new friends with other moms; it is sort of like a social gathering of mothers. If this activity was not around, my circle of friends would be smaller and I would not be able to find the support I need.” ~ XY, APA Family Support Services

“It has helped a lot because sometimes we don’t have the money.  It’s a life
saver!  One less thing to worry about.”
Mom, Brighter Beginnings

“I can’t thank you enough for the help, to some people it might be just diapers, but to me is being able to not just get by month by month. I am an ambitious woman. I work hard to provide a good future for my children, and any help I can get is always much appreciated.” Mom of 3, PATH Achieve Glendale

“Diapers are a must-have. You can’t skip them like you can breakfast. Getting donated diapers has helped me because I don’t have to have my child do without other things, such as food.” ~ Mom, Center for the Vulnerable Child

“Help a Mother Out is exactly the kind of grassroots organization that Brighter Beginnings appreciates. We are pleased to have been chosen as a partner agency in this effective campaign to connect caring people with moms and dads who are working hard to use the few resources they have to raise happy, healthy children. HAMO’s generous gifts of diapers and other baby supplies came at just the right time to help our organization make up for cuts in our budget for client services.” Jody Parsons, Director of Development, Brighter Beginnings

“Diapers are like gold. We say that everyday here.” ~ Community Health Worker, Homeless Prenatal Program

“I absolutely love the concept you created for Help A Mother Out. The website is wonderful, not only bringing awareness to family poverty, but also giving people the opportunity to take action and connect with nonprofit organizations. This type of support is much needed, especially during the difficult economic times we are currently facing.

We are seeing more and more families coming to HPP for their basic needs for survival – food, clothing, and shelter. We are hearing families being forced to make difficult decisions, choosing whether to buy food or diapers for their children. Having these essential needs for our clients here on site, makes these decisions much easier for our families, so they can focus on finding stability and move toward long-term self-sufficiency.” Martha Ryan, Founder & Executive Director, Homeless Prenatal Program

“The Help A Mother Out campaign is exactly the kind of grassroots effort that is needed today. Social networking in service of supporting mothers in need is a fabulous idea. Through innovation and utilizing the free tools the internet has to offer, HAMO has made a big difference the lives of many women and children, and in such a short period of time.”

Danica Remy, President, Point Foundation

Publisher, Whole Earth Magazine & Catalog

“With the Tsunami of families facing homelessness, over 1/2 for the first time in their lives, has come a tremendous increase in the number of babies living in shelters. I want to commend the caring folks from Help A Mother Out for providing much needed diapers for these precious babies.”

“As we endure the worst economic plunge since the Great Depression and the unemployment rate soars past 12.7% across the region, we are bracing to support a surge in the number of homeless families, possibly rising to 10,000 homeless families in LA County alone.”

Rev. Andy Bales, CEO, Union Rescue Mission

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