Allison Briscoe-Smith

Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith is a psychologist who received her undergraduate training in social psychology from Harvard and her clinical degree in children’s psychology from UC Berkeley.  She has worked directing in non profit mental health programs for children in foster care, as a professor of psychology, and most recently, as director of a broad array of mental health and other supportive services at the Center for the Vulnerable Child, Children’s Hospital Oakland.  She currently serves as adjunct professor at the Wright Institute, and is also a consultant to education non profit organizations, providing trauma focused and culturally accountable consultation. Her research and clinical interests have been focused on two different topics: trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how children understand race.  With these topics she has had the opportunity to work broadly with many families and schools on issues salient to them. She enjoys working with organizations on how to become both trauma informed in their service delivery and culturally accountable.  Allison is originally from Hawaii, and has also lived and traveled in the Caribbean. She’s an avid reader but keeps on reading Harry Potter over and over. She currently lives in Oakland with her partner and their two young children.