Donate Stock

By contributing appreciated securities, you could make an impactful community investment while gaining valuable tax advantages such as eliminating capital gains tax, ability to claim market value, and year-end tax breaks. Your financial advisor can help answer questions about your specific tax circumstances. You will receive a tax receipt upon once your stock donation has been received.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Please notify us of your impending gift through this form.

2. Instruct your broker to contact Brian Batt to alert us to the transfer in progress and then transfer the stock to the Union Banc Investment Services account noted below (the transfer is done electronically):

Union Banc Investment Services
DTC number: 0226
FBO, Community Initiative
Account number: 0BP 771498 (Note: first digit of the account number is zero)
For questions, please call broker Brian Batt at (415) 705-7186

3. To track your gift’s arrival and ensure it is properly directed to Help A Mother Out, please email or fax a copy of your instructions to:

Craig Fox, CFO, Community Initiatives
Subject: Stock transfer to HAMO FSP #6271
Fax: 415-230-7701 or Email