Community Partners Program

HAMO created the Community Partners program in 2009 to provide social workers with an innovative and vital way to meet the concrete needs of children, build trust with families, and offer additional support and services. Diapers are distributed to families in need exclusively through a network of community partners, including family resource centers, voluntary home visiting, facilitated parent support groups, homeless and foster children services, and public health departments.

San Francisco Diaper Bank

HAMO operates the San Francisco Diaper Bank (SFDB), the nation's first and only diaper public assistance program. HAMO established the program in 2015, through a partnership with San Francisco Human Services Agency. The SFDB serves approximately 1400 eligible CalWORKs families with children under three years old, through a network of  diaper distribution centers located throughout the city. Eligible children may receive up to 6 packages of diapers each month.