We’re on a mission to ensure that every baby has a healthy supply of diapers. So far, we’ve provided over 10 million diapers to babies and families in need. We can do more together.


$1,500 delivers two pallets of diapers (12,000+) to public health programs.

$1,000 supplies a month of diapers (8,000+) for a family home visiting program.

$500 stocks a family resource center’s baby closet with diapers (4,000+).

$250 provides diapers (2,000+) to a parent support group for one month.

$150 provides a month’s supply of diapers (1250+) for six newborn babies.

$50 delivers two cases of diapers (350+) to a vulnerable family.

Your gifts will be used to fund our entire mission because every baby deserves a clean diaper.

Is your gift in honor/memory of someone? Be sure to:

  1. Select: “Add a dedication”

  2. Choose dedication type from the dropdown menu

  3. In the “Who?” field, enter: your honoree's name and occasion (examples: Jane Smith, Mother's Day; Smith Family, Aiden's 1st birthday). 

  4. In the “Contact” field, enter their email address and/or street address (whichever method by which you prefer us to contact them)

  5. At the bottom of the Donate page, tick the box for: Send Acknowledgement to Honoree

  6. In the “Message to send to honoree” field, enter any message you wish us to send on to them (this field is optional)

  7. We will send your honoree an e-card or snail mail card on your behalf

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising campaign for Help a Mother Out, please click here or contact emily@helpamotherout.org for more information. 

Help a Mother Out® is a registered 501 (c)(3) public charity. Our federal tax id is 83-2001085. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by the law.