Help a Mother Out® has provided over 10 million diapers since 2009. We serve families through a network of community partners, and our diaper program has become an integral part of their services:

  • 89% of participating social workers report that our diaper program significantly affects their program’s capacity to serve and sustain clients

  • 83% noted that without our diapers, their programs would not be able to serve clients as effectively.

  • 84% tell us that our diapers help lower anxiety, fatigue or financial stress among their clients.

  • 72% report that our diapers help them build trust with clients.



I had a client that was going to attend trainings to earn her GED but no one wanted to watch her child because she had no clean diapers. Being able to get diapers from our program helped ensure her attendance at the GED program.
— Center for the Vulnerable Child, Children’s Hospital, Oakland
My client was living in a trailer and did not have enough money for diapers. She was forced to use folded shirts. She was embarrassed to go to her baby’s doctor visit. Because she received diaper assistance, she overcame her fear of going out in public with her child.
— Star Vista, San Mateo
I appreciate the diaper program because I have seen that mothers are changing diapers more often, knowing they can count on us to give them diapers that HAMO has provided. Some of the infants and toddlers have had severe diaper rash, which we know is painful and unsanitary, and causes stress on both child and mother. These diapers are making a real difference.
— Homeless Prenatal Program, San Francisco
Often times, the diapers serve as something to draw in the clients. They tend to upkeep appointments, at times, because they know that they are in need of diapers and that is something I can help them with. That way I can provide them with useful resources during our meeting and, at times, I can also bring up the question of budgeting/how they can work on having diapers on their own.
— Brighter Beginnings, Oakland
A lot of people don’t understand how bad I feel when I don’t have enough money to buy a bag of diapers. There is a lot of shame… Even when I do buy diapers they are not for sensitive skin and I deal with my daughter’s rashes and end up having to take her to the doctor. Her rashes are so intense that she does not let me wipe her. I want to be able to provide for my daughter. I am grateful that you provide diapers for babies with sensitive skin.
— Karen, Mom & Program Recipient
Diaper adequacy is a social justice issue and basic infant right. No baby should have to languish in a soiled diaper. Babies who spend more time in soiled diapers are at risk for infections and other health issues. We are grateful for Help a Mother Out (HAMO), which has made a difference in the lives of infants and their families in the community we serve.
— Dawn Dailey, PhD, RN, Nurse Manager, Contra Costa Nurse-Family Partnership
Help a Mother Out is one of the most forward thinking diaper banks in the country, developing model programs and strategies to meet unmet diaper need that are serving up ideas for the rest of the state and, in fact, the rest of the country...
— Jessica Bartholow, Legislative Advocate, Western Center on Law and Poverty