Q&A with Modern Table’s Moms-in-Charge

As a working parent, meal time is inevitably a challenge. It requires planning, preparation, and shopping on the weekends (I have nightmares about the lines at Costco on a Sunday). Even when I’m prepped and planned, my 2-year old can dissolve into a full-on hunger meltdown before I have time to warm up some food.

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I learned about Modern Table Meals. This year, Modern Table Meals has partnered with us by signing on as our Tea Pot sponsor at the upcoming Let Good Grow Tea, coming up Saturday, April 25th. They’ll be joining us at the event, and if you’ll be in attendance, we’ll have some goodies for you, courtesy of our friends at Modern Table.

Moms-in-charge Gulbin Hoeberechts and Jennifer Eiseman both worked in consumer packaged goods before starting Modern Table Meals. We were lucky enough to chat with them recently – check out their thoughts on running a business, women in leadership, and helping moms out.

Jennifer Eiseman & Gulbin Hoeberechts

On the motivation to start Modern Table:

Jennifer: My cooking skills are less than stellar and my kids don’t seem to like anything healthy (help!) – hence, [I had a] personal need for healthy, yummy, easy-to-make meals!

Gulbin: I am a working mom. I am not particularly good at cooking. I have little time, yet I want to give my family nutritious, delicious food they will eat (even my picky one!). When dinner is done I want to feel good. Easy to say, hard to do, especially when you have to do it every day. So, the mission behind Modern Table Meals is to make it easy to get healthy, yummy meals on the table at any time. No barriers.

On partnering with Help A Mother Out:

Jennifer: As a working mom of three, I know how much help moms need. If getting essentials, like diapers, gives moms more time to do things like making meals for their family, I am in!

Gulbin: They say that “it takes a village,” and it is so true. The idea behind Modern Table was helping moms out during mealtime. We also want to help moms out in a broader way, and when we discovered Help A Mother Out, it felt like an exciting match!

On women in leadership roles:

Jennifer: Mothers inherently make great leaders because that’s what we do: we lead our families. At Modern Table, we take those skills and amplify them in the business world, while still respecting the time it takes to be a mom. Flexible work schedules and locations lead to healthy, happy moms, and those moms can change the world.

Gulbin: I find that women carry a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Empowering women is essential. We are passionate about women and empowering them with easy, effective tools so they can excel. We understand women can be better leaders if they can have balance, so we create an environment to support that and help each other out.

On the craziest meal idea they’ve ever had:

Jennifer: A meal that does the dishes for me. (Editor’s Note: AMEN SISTER!)

Gulbin: My picky little guy does not eat meat protein, but loves yogurt on everything. I bought a Vitamix to totally dissolve chicken in yogurt to make a sauce [he would eat.] The lengths we go to . . .

The Modern Table Meals team

Thanks to Modern Table Meals for spending time with us, and for their upcoming support of Let Good Grow, HAMO’s 5th Annual Benefit Tea. You can check out Modern Table’s four tasty meal options, and learn more about their company, by visiting moderntablemeals.com. You can also find them on Facebook by visiting facebook.com/moderntablemeals.