3 Ways You Can Help #hamo

Dear Friends Old and New,

HAMO was started a little over two years ago when we became alarmed by media reports about the number of women and children falling into poverty in the Great Recession. We learned there was a dire need for diapers and decided to invest $100 and start a Mother’s Day diaper drive. To date we’ve given out over 625K diapers and endeavor to create a safety net where none exists. We’ve also raised a lot of grassroots awareness and are working with other advocates for long term change in the social safety net.

Every week we receive requests for help from agencies like WIC, Early Head Start programs,  food pantries, and family resource centers telling us that their clients are increasingly coming to them for help with basic needs, like diapers. Sadly, many must turn away families due to lack of resources. The other day I received an email about a child who was taken away from their family in part because they had sever health problems related to the family unable to afford diapers. The fact is, the need far outweighs our current resources and there is much, much more work to be done.

Our work is in partnership with you, our AMAZING community. We reached our first big milestone goal of raising $25K this spring and looking forward to amplifying our efforts exponentially in the future.

But we can’t do it alone.

Below are THREE WAYS YOU CAN HELP this summer or later this year. No one can do everything, but if we all pitch in, we can do A LOT TOGETHER. I hope you’ll consider joining us in amplifying our efforts in putting women and children first.

How You Can Help:

1) Host a diaper drive

Hosting a diaper drive is super easy and a convenient way to help. Whether it’s corralling all your friends together to contribute in person or virtually, or making it a group effort.

2) Become a Fairy Godmother

We’re not going to be coy. Funds GREATLY help support our efforts to bring diapers to children who would otherwise go without. And as a mom-powered organization we will make your monthly contribution count to a family who is lacking in basic needs.

3) Host a fundraiser

Consider sharing the cause with your network by hosting a fundraiser. However large or small, fundraisers are incredibly helpful (not to mention fun!) to rally your network and make a lasting impact on this important work. So whether it’s charging a cover for an event you are already throwing, or hosting a gathering in your private home – your efforts will make an amazing difference with our families.

We’re excited to be creating a future in partnership with you. Thank you for putting a value on our work and for helping to create this important safety net.

Got questions? Want to help make things happen? Contact us.

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