How To Help #hamo

If you knew that you could help a struggling family provide basic necessities for their children, would you? Here are three ways you can make an impact this holiday season.

Dear Friends,

With less than two months left for 2011 we are in the process of making plans for 2012. Our board meets at the end of this month to solidify our 2012 goals, which I’m personally very excited about. HAMO is growing up! We have all of YOU to thank for helping us accomplish so much since March, 2009 – when we weren’t even thinking about starting anything other than a small diaper drive.

It’s been a jam packed year getting diapers to families who need them (nearly 750K diapers  since inception!), and getting our feet wet with advocacy work that is equally important to addressing diaper need. There is so much more work to be done in order to enable us to continue making an impact.

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out our year-end giving campaign, but we know that many of you are already asking us what you can do to help us ring in 2012 with a big bang. Here are some ideas for you …

1) Make plans for a year end gift

Help us “keep the lights on,” so to speak by sending your monetary gift before December 31st. Your year end gift will make your accountant happy, and we guarantee you will feel like a fairy godmother (or father) after you invest in making real difference with our families. Also, check with your employer to see if they will match your gift! We also have swell and festive e-cards we can send to your honoree! Click the blue button for more information.
2) Host or participate in a diaper drive

Yes, toys and food are wonderful to donate and we have nothing but love for our local food bank and Toys for Tots efforts. When you are at the big box store, stop by the baby aisle and pick up a pack or case of diapers for HAMO, or your local diaper bank, food bank, or pantry. When you shop online, order diapers to be sent to your doorstep! Or to our doorstep! One of our favorite volunteers, Sara, will be hosting her 3rd annual diaper drive/holiday party this year and we cannot tell you how much joy and hope this brings to our families. And her guests really look forward to a fun night. Start a tradition! Here are some tools you can use.

3) Donate a photo to support the #DiaperAct

We are still collecting photos to add to our Flickr pool. Consider adding your #DiaperAct photo to our collection. Make Aunt Gladys hold the sign for the photo op. Make a sign, snap the photo, and fill our inbox with love by sending us your digital photo (

We would not be able to accomplish this crucial work without your continued partnership. Thank you so much for continuing to make a difference with our families!

Photo via Creative Commons 2.0:  rumpleteaser