In Memory of Baby Jordan

In honor of Infant Loss and Remembrance Day I wanted to share a story that came to us last year from Liz at the Junior Gym. JG has hosted a donation bin for our families since shortly after we started HAMO.

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to email you to let you know about a recent diaper donation that came through Jr Gym. A couple came in with hundreds of diapers to drop off.  I wasn’t there, but Justin said he could sense their sadness as soon as he saw them.  They told him that their baby had passed away which was why they had so many diapers to donate.  It was very important to them that we pass on to HAMO who the diapers were from.  So, that’s what I’m doing.  His name was baby Jordan and he was only a few months old.

Life is truly a mystery.

– Liz, Junior Gym

Because we never got to properly thank Jordan’s parents for their gift directly, I wanted to share their story today to honor their sweet baby. We are blessed to have been touched by Jordan’s life and we know those diapers meant a lot to the mom and baby who ultimately received them.