Lucy’s Loves Kids

Our thanks to Lucy’s Cookies, maker of gluten-free and allergen-free cookies and treats, for supporting Help a Mother Out!


Lucy’s is a company that makes cookies and brownie cakes that are allergen-free. Dr. Lucy Gibney experienced the terror of how dangerous food allergies can be when her newborn son had an anaphylactic reaction to formula. Luckily, Gibney and her husband are both doctors, so her son made it through, but that’s when they found out that he was allergic to many, many different foods.

So Gibney made it her mission to develop a snack that her little boy could eat. I mean, how sad would it be for him to grow up without ever being able to eat a cookie? Eventually she came up with a recipe that was not only loved by her son, but by everyone else she knew, and so she started Lucy’s, a line of cookies and treats made especially for people with food allergies. (But they’re tasty enough that people who don’t have allergies buy and eat them, too!)


The company is even building a highly specialized commercial bakery that is completely free all tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, etc. to further reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Now that’s dedication.

Gibney herself says “Mothers and Fathers make the world work by bring up the next generation.  I’m always eager to help make that better for someone who could use a little support.  We all need help at one time or another in life.  I like to always payback and pay forward!”

Lucy’s mission is to help children. Our mission is to help children. That is why we are so proud that Lucy’s is a major supporter of our  3rd Annual Let Good Grow Benefit Tea this Saturday. Attendees will be getting a little sweet treat from Lucy’s so they can discover just how tasty – and allergen-free – life can be.

Thanks, Lucy’s!