Seattle: Meet Carey

I came to know Carey’s story through and Mark (@hardlynormal). Mark has embarked on his Invisible People road trip again, and recently visited Carey and her family in the Seattle area.

Through my correspondence with Carey (she’s contributed some posts here), I see a smart and very capable woman who is currently stuck in a Catch 22 (employment, affordable childcare, homelessness).

Please watch Mark’s interview with her, and if you are moved to help, please take some time to think about what it is that you can do to help this family.

Carey spends hours looking for work and submitting job applications. She wants nothing more but to work and provide for her family. Do you know have contacts in the Seattle area who might be willing to think creatively in helping Carey expand her network and obtain employment? Maybe you know of a woman-owned local business who might be willing to give Carey and informational interview. Think out of the box here.

So many people in the digital space are rooting for Carey’s family I am certain fundraising first and last months rental deposit won’t be a big issue. BUT this will do no good unless we can help Carey obtain a job that will help her provide for her family.

Think about it and let me know your (out of the box) ideas.

Help a mother out.


photo credit: We Are Visible, Mark Horvath