September Super Friend: Meet Xavier The XMan

Every month we recognize a Super Friend on Facebook. Are we friends yet? Join us! 

Meet Xavier The X-Man, our September Super Friend. Xavier and his family have been HAMO supporters since we first started bugging our personal contacts on Facebook, back in the spring of 2009. Among countless and invaluable ways, Xavier has hosted several fundraisers and even gave a HAMO interview on the air, helping us to advocate and support our San Diego area families. Thank you, Xavier, for your continued support and playing the best old school on the airwaves.

When did you first learn about diaper need?

From my wife. She came to me really impassioned about this organization co-founded by one of her friends from high school. We had recently and thankfully finished potty training our son and were well aware of the cost associated with diapering a baby. I do my best to serve our communities through various non-profit agencies and this was one that my wife  supported so of course, I was on board.

What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?

Working on our lowriders. I’m a lowrider guy. My son is at an age that he has taken a real interest in helping daddy with the cars. He takes it very seriously. I am also teaching him chess, we really like doing that together.

What is *the best* thing about being a dad?

Just having the honor to witness this little guy grow up and become his own person. To be able to love and guide him, I’ll tell you, there is nothing better!


Lowriding, golfing (although I haven’t played in a long time), spending time with the family with a nice backyard carne asada bbq and listening to oldies.

Favorite quote?

“Yesterday seemed so long ago, and tomorrow was too far away. It was Today that I lived for aimlessly, This Hour, This Moment.” Carlos Bulosan, Filipino-American Author

You can find Xavier on his website, and be sure to follow him on Twitter!