Small Things = Big Impact

The other day I had the opportunity to speak with a social worker, whom I will call Shannon. She visits clients in their home and works closely with caregivers – many of them isolated new mothers who are just learning the basics in caring for their baby. Shannon told me she couldn’t count how many times her clients’ eyes welled up with tears, after she knocked on their door, holding a pack of diapers.  I wish you could have heard Shannon — talking about the families she serves and about how something as small as diapers can have such a great impact in the daily life of a family in need.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa

The power of small is alive and well. When we started Help A Mother Out, we took $100 of our own money and coupled it with countless small acts from a great number of people (including you) and it turned into something greater than we ever expected.  This week we hit the 900K diaper distribution mark. It’s really hard to believe that so many small acts of kindness can add up to nearly one million diapers. And here we are.

We are so incredibly grateful to be the conduit of the community’s kindness and we’re very much looking forward to continuing to grow Help A Mother Out; one diaper at a time, one family at a time.

Want to do something small? Start here:

1) Take the pledge to Help A Mother Out

It costs you nothing, but by taking the pledge, you are saying yes to the power of small and taking a stand when it comes to diaper need. We are only strong in numbers and we’d love to count your pledge in.

2) Help us get the word out

In the beginning, we had nothing but a blog and the desire to tell all of our friends about this project. If it wasn’t for the power of good old fashioned word of mouth, we would not be here today. You can help by telling your friends about diaper need. Start here by sharing this infographic.

3) Commit to hosting (or participating in) a fundraiser or diaper drive

Small amounts add up big, and we would be honored with your help to run our programs. Just a few ideas culled from previous supporters:

  1. Kelly hosts a popular clothing swap amongst her friends every year. A few years ago she decided to charge a small cover ($20) and each year raises $300 on our behalf.
  2. Xavier, hosts a free car show every year. Last year his team sold special issue t-shirts with the proceeds benefiting great causes – one of them being Help A Mother Out.
  3. Allie decided to commemorate her baby boy’s first Valentine’s Day by hosting a diaper drive on our behalf. She got out the word to all her friends and family and simply asked them to donate diapers in his honor. She raised 7K diapers!

If each of us commits to doing a little, we can add up to something great.

What are your ideas for doing something small?

Photo via National Archives on Flickr.