Tucson Swap-O-Rama 3/12

Are you in the Tucson area the weekend of March 12th? Yes? Alrighty then. Get whatever gizmo you use to keep track of all that scheduling and type/write this down:

Saturday, March 12th
10am – 12pm
A Children’s Clothing Exchange and Diaper Drive

to benefit
Diaper Bank of Arizona.

Geneva Hall, St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church
3809 East 3rd St.

Check out the Eventbrite page or the facebook page for the important details.

HAMO- AZ is partnering with a local preschool, St. Marks, to raise awareness and diapers, and to have a whole lot of fun. The event is inspired by the Tucson Mama Kid’s Clothing Swap of 2009. I should also mention that the Tucson Mama’s exchange inspired the Bay Area folk of Help a Mother Out last February to do the same thing to great success. Additional bonus: Tucson Mama is going to be joining us at Swap-O-Rama to lend her support and her cool factor to the whole shebang. I’m also excited to add that a wonderful local photographer, Melissa Haun, who has been a fabulous supporter in the past of our diaper drives, has volunteered her services to document the event.

Those from outside Tucson wondering on how you can get in on the whole cool diaper drive action? Check out Help A Mother Out’s suggestions here.

Photo courtesy of Julie Michelle