You Can Help Us in May

Updated 5/16/11: We are at $20,213.37. We just have $4,786.63 to go before the end of the month. We are nervous about making our goal.

Updated 5/9/11: We have raised $18,877.51, thanks to last minute Mother’s Day tributes and Xavier the X-Man’s weekend matching challenge. Just $6,122.49 to go before May 31st.

Updated 5/6/11: We have raised $16,344.00, thanks to online gifts and checks that came via snail mail today!

Updated 5/4/11: We have raised $13,533.39! Just $11,466.61 to go until we reach our goal!

This Mother’s Day we are issuing a public appeal for help in raising much needed funds so that we may continue to operate our diaper program.

Our goal is to raise $25K before May 31st. We are nearly half way there.

Funds raised between now and May 31st will be dedicated to building our safety net fund, addressing diaper need nationwide and in California.

Help Us Get an Extra 100,000 Diapers!

GREAT news for all of you who have already contributed! Last Thursday we were offered a diaper matching challenge from our friends at Huggies.

If we can reach our fundraising goal of $25K by May 31st, Huggies will match our efforts with 100,000 DIAPERS. AMAZING news? We have already raised $10K! Thanks in no small part to many of YOU who have already chipped in.

Will you help us reach our goal?

This is your generosity in action:

“My client’s are very thankful when they have an urgent need for diapers. I’ve had many client’s who struggles especially towards the end of the month with money, and they have a sense of peace knowing they can come to us during times of emergency.”

– Community Health Worker

“We are able to provide diapers to families who are often unable to secure the most basic of needs. The diapers help them know that at least they are able to keep their babies healthy and prevent skin problems caused by dirty diapers. It also helps empower families to feel like they are good parents because they are able to care for the most basic of needs for their children that are unmet by other services like housing and food resources.”

– Social Worker


If we can reach our goal of $25K (we are nearly half way there!), we can continue our work providing diapering supplies to families who need them. Our agency waiting list long, and you’ll really make an impact with our diaper matching challenge.

On behalf of everyone at HAMO I want wish you and yours a special Mother’s Day. Thank you for helping our families and thank you for all the invaluable ways you make a difference by choosing to help a mother out.


In community,


Lisa T., co-founder & executive director

p.s. You can also help by spreading the news about our diaper matching challenge to your friends and family: blog, email, Facebook , and tweet us (@helpamotherout #hamo). We’ll be updating our progress on this webpage and also on Facebook, so please be sure to check in on our efforts!

p.s. for media types:

Help A Mother Out ( is dedicated to increasing access to diapers for families in need. Started by two moms with modest investment of $100, and primarily through the use of free social media tools, this one time diaper drive has quickly evolved into a nationally-recognized grassroots organization raising diapers and advocating for long term change. Our vision is a day when every baby has an adequate supply of diapers.