An Open Letter to Food Banks

Does your food bank carry diapers and baby food?

If the answer is no, why not?

I came across this article about how food pantries are seeing an increase in demand. This is not new news, but the interesting part has to do with hygiene items:

“Most of the people who are coming in are new people who we’ve never seen before,” said Roberto Corea, who oversees the food pantry at Hope Chapel Foursquare Church in Hermosa Beach. “Many of them are middle class.”

Last year the local pantry supplied about 125 families each month with groceries and other supplies. This month, more than 300 families are receiving assistance, Corea said.

Many of those who are coming in are also looking for hygiene products and food packages that don’t require cooking, an indication that more families may be homeless, he added.

If families in crisis are seeking assistance from food banks, those with young children also need diapers and most likely baby food.  We have been told many times that the number one item mothers of young children ask about is diapers.

The operations, economies of scale, logistics, and distribution to partner agencies and individuals is all there.

Why not?

Does your local food bank carry diapers and baby food? Leave a comment to let us know.