Bottoms Covered #ELB

We had an incredible community event on Wednesday June 30th, which we put together to celebrate our Every Little Bottom donation from Huggies.

Pictured above is one of our youngest volunteers handing out diapers to Mel S. from WDDC, one of our FIRST partner agencies. Mel is the volunteer coordinator whom we met a little over a year ago. WDDC took 50 cases of diapers on Wednesday. I think they’ll be able to give out more than 6 diapers per mom now.

We had about 8 agencies come by to celebrate the momentous occasion with us. The energy was amazing and everyone pitched it to do their share. It was… very grassroots.

Some of our original agencies were able to come and bring back truck and van loads of diapers (all large sizes!) to stock their shelves for the hot summer months. Moms loaded up their station wagons full of diapers to bring to more agencies.

Photo credit: Wendy Copley (

Whitney rallied her crew to join in and keep the diapers moving. Please note the crutches (She broke her foot a few days prior and still drove over to lend a hand!).

Wendy and her son W. came over to help load diapers and document the day. We loaded up her car with diapers to bring back to an east bay agency. Mike and his daughter E. came by and got down to business with the pallet jack. It was so great to see our youngest volunteers really wanting to be there “to help the babies.”

My friend Del helped organize the event and Steve just totally brought it together and made a lot of behind the scenes happen.

We are totally, we mean Totally, indebted to our friends at City-Core Development for donating space to house the diaper donation. Are you looking for office space to lease? Check them out and tell them we sent you 

At the distribution I had a great conversation with a social worker from a newer partner agency on the  peninsula. We were talking about how so many of her clients are struggling with the basics. Parents are working long hours and it literally comes down to paying the utility bill, putting food on the table, or keeping an adequate supply of diapers. She talked about how when she has diapers, which is not too frequent, she can give them to her clients and then they can focus on more solving more pressing issues.

It felt completely awesome to load up the social worker’s car with diapers for her clients. My hope is that we can figure out a way to continue the momentum this windfall donation helped start.

Big Hugs to Huggies for literally covering a whole lot of little bottoms the Bay Area this week. We’re having an amazing time bringing your diapers to moms who really need them!

Check out Wendy’s photos from the day: