Diaper Engine Optimization

I’d like to send out a happy little “thank you!” to the organizers of Uptake.com‘s Los Angeles SEO seminar, held at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, CA on February 28.  It was right after the U.S. vs. Canada Olympic hockey game, and Uptake’s SEO wunderkind, Brian Piepgrass, had to tear himself away from the TV at the last second to come and lead the seminar.

Brian Piepgrass shares some SEO tips

With about 35 Los Angeles bloggers in attendance to hear his tips and to learn about Uptake’s Travel Gems reciprocal link program, Piepgrass was able to make his voice heard above the shouty din of the rooftop bar and spark many interesting Q&A moments and a lively post-presentation conversation, all centering on how to get more traffic to a website.

I co-hosted this shindig with Jennifer Miner of VacationGals.com, and in a lovely show of support and altruism, the Uptake folks offered a raffle prize in return for donations to Help a Mother Out.  I sold $120 worth of tickets and the lucky Lee Vandemann of Moms Without Blogs took home a certificate for a massage at the local spa.  For HAMO, that means about 900 diapers can be purchased for our local partners.

It was free SEO info, cocktails, and diapers.  It doesn’t get better!

[photo by Sarah Auerswald]