Diapers Are Gold … We Say That Everyday Here #hamo

In this economic climate gold has become a popular investment strategy for those who are able to purchase it for safe keeping. I wish I had a few bars of it myself to bury in the backyard, don’t you?

Today I want to talk about another kind of gold. Something more than a few agencies have told us since the beginning of HAMO: diapers are like gold. In low income neighborhoodsfood deserts, and across the social service sector – diapering “gold” is a hot commodity. It’s something so basic that many of us don’t think much about, yet mothers across the country spend a considerable amount of time worrying about and trying to procure.

If you want to know the reasons why this cause struck a cord with us and why we continue to volunteer our skills and time to raise diapers and awareness please watch this interview with Community Health Workers Alma Garcia, Elisa Garcia, and Nakisha Allen of Homeless Prenatal Program:

Much gratitude to Alma, Nakisha, and Elisafor taking the time to share their work with HAMO.

And THANK YOU to all our friends who are creating a safety net for families in need.

Inspired to act? You can help us continue our diaper program by making a monetary donation here, or if you prefer, ship diapers directly to us through our wishlist, or drop ‘em off in person.