Ellen Pompeo Wants You To Diaper a Baby

Yesterday Gray’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo announced a massive diaper drive to help babies in need. She’s partnering with Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign, which is hoping to raise 20 MILLION diapers for U.S. and Canada babies.

We’re excited the cause is getting national media coverage, and even more excited that this effort will bring diapers to babies who need them, but also raise a ton of Awareness.

As an Every Little Bottom Diaper Bank partner, we will be one of the many recipients of diapers. The majority of donations will be benefit Feeding America food banks, which I think is all kinds of awesome, since you know I believe food banks can play a pivotal role in distributing diapers and other hygiene items.

It’s all wonderful news and really puts the stamp of approval on the grassroots work HAMO endeavors to accomplish.

For more information and how you can get involved in the campaign visit Every Little Bottom.

Disclosure: As aforementioned, HAMO is a diaper bank partner of the ELB campaign. We are grateful to receive in kind product on behalf of the families we serve. Neither I, nor HAMO as an organization, were compensated with money to write this post. Mkay?

Photo via Creative Commons: http://telefilmania.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/ellen-pompeo-as-meredith-grey.jpg