How YOU are Making an Impact: East Bay Edition

It’s crazy busy here at HAMO world headquarters. We’re literally underwater trying to get ourMother’s Day campaign off the ground starting with our kick off events. Grassroots! BTW, we’d LOVE to meet our supporters. Please join us and invite your friends! Also, if you’re a blogger and want to help spread the word, copy and paste our nifty little magenta Mother’s Day campaign button onto your site ———>

So with that, we wanted to share some quotes from east bay moms that we’ve been helping out atBrighter Beginnings.  For background, Brighter Beginnings does outreach in the poorest regions of the east bay – Oakland, Richmond, and Antioch. They literally go to where families in crisis live and assist them with difficult issues and provide parenting resources and support. They keep families from falling into homelessness and prevent child abuse by providing tools and resources to keep children healthy. We recently ask a few of their moms how our diapers have impacted their lives and how it makes them feel.

“It has helped a lot because sometimes we don’t have the money.  It’s a life saver!  It takes a worry away.  One less thing to worry about.” ~ Maria C., mother of 1, Oakland

“You giving me diapers for my baby feels really good because my boyfriend is not working and it helps us out a lot.  I really appreciate it  a lot because you give them to us when we really really need them. ~ Maria F., mother of 1, Oakland

“With the help of diapers from Brighter Beginnings, I am able to use the little money I have on food and other important necessities for my kids.” ~ Jennifer, Emeryville, 2 kids

These are real moms in their own words, and this is how YOUR support has helped to keep babies clean and healthy. If you are a mother, you know that STEP NUMBER ONE in taking care of your baby is to keep them in a clean diaper.

THANK YOU. You should feel like a super hero 

There’s still a lot of work to be done, including helping US take HAMO to the next level! Please join us in May!