25,000 Nappies Later We’ve Hit the 100K Mark!

The internet is a really crazy place.

You can never be sure who will stop by your website, hear your tweets and calls to action.

Well. Somehow through the web, the folks at Huggies caught wind of our campaign and wanted to help us out a with a one time donation of 25,000 diapers. And it gets even better!  I also received a small cash honorarium that will be used to help HAMO further our immediate goal of obtaining 501c3 non profit tax status.

And no one had to give birth to octuplets.

Check these nappies out!

These nappies, all four pallets of them, were recently delivered to DH’s work. For extra dramatic effect they happened to arrive when the entire office was conducting an all day client meeting (Hi DH’s boss and everyone at HH! Thanks for donating the space and having such a great sense of humor!).

These are, in fact, “nappies,” since it appears they were originally slated to grace the bottoms of European babies 6-10 kgs, or roughly U.S. diaper size 2-3 (13-22 lbs).

With community driven, word of mouth support from ALL OF YOU guys,  we’ve been able to raise76,223 diapers for California and out of state partners. With this 25,000 diaper donation, HAMO’s cumulative total comes to 101,223 diapers. Huggies, you sent us over the 100K mark!

So what are we doing with all these diapers?

Since these are infant sized diapers we have started to distribute them to a number of our Bay Areapartners who have a need for smaller diapers.  A chunk of these diapers are already helping needy families in some of the most depressed areas in the region – in cities like VallejoOakland, Richmond, and Antioch, with unemployment rates as high as 14-percent.

Volunteer from Children's Network of Solano County

Brighter Beginnings youth volunteer doing his community service!

We have also reached out to a number of shelters, including East Oakland Community ProjectLa Casa de Las Madres, and Rafael House, to make one time diaper donations.

We’ll continue to keep you posted and share photos of our partners and recipients as the distribution continues.

BIG THANK YOU to Huggies, for finding us through the vast interweb and turning rhetoric into action.If there are any more diaper companies who would like to match this donation – give us a holler!

BIG THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU, for supporting this campaign by telling your friends, donating diapers, and hosting diaper drives for our partners. Eight months ago HAMO was started. We could not have done ANY of this without YOU. It is because of YOU, that this was all possible.

And remember: This donation will help supply smaller babies with a healthy change but there is also a critical need for Sizes 4 and up. Donate diapers this holiday season. Pick up a pack at at the big box store or purchase them online for easy delivery. Host a holiday diaper drive. It really is THAT EASY to make a big difference.

What are your thoughts? Post a comment below to let the folks at Huggies know what you think about their donation!