Nancy Was Pregnant When She Arrived at the Shelter

When you donate a box of diapers, it is either sent through Amazon or hand-delivered by one of our volunteers to one of our partnering agencies. For you it may end there. You’ve made your donation, you feel good about it, and you hope it helped someone.

It did.

Far from being simply a handout, that box of diapers boosted the efforts of a hard-working parent who is struggling to survive poverty, violence, homelessness, or all three and more. In Los Angeles, women who receive assistance from our partnering agencies responded to a request for feedback. The common thread among their notes was that having the free diapers allowed them to pay other bills, afford other basic hygiene products, and “feel less apprehensive” about their financial struggles.

Nancy*, a mother of three, lived at a temporary shelter in Glendale, CA. She arrived pregnant, with two young children, a leaving her husband who had beat her badly, possibly causing her to deliver her baby prematurely. The shelter helped place her in a transitional housing apartment and her children are doing well. Regarding the assistance of donated diapers, she says “I spend approximately $50.00 a month in diapers and wipes alone. Being able to save that money and use it for other bills makes a big help. I can’t thank you enough for the help, to some people it might be just diapers, but to me is being able to not just get by month by month. I am an ambitious woman. I work hard to provide a good future for my children, and any help I can get is always much appreciated.”

For these mothers, having diapers to help them properly care for their babies is one less worry off the top of a mountain of worries. Thank you.

You can take action by attending one of our upcoming events, hosting a mini diaper drive, or donatingtoday.