Nearly 1 out of 5 California Children Live in Poverty

Yesterday the U.S. Census Bureau released their 2008 poverty estimates. Their report estimates 1.7 million children living in poverty, or 18.5% of all CA residents 18 years or younger.

The report also estimates there are 534,254 children under 4 years old living in poverty in California, or 20.2% of all CA residents 4 years or younger.

Here is how select counties faired with childhood poverty rates:

NamePoverty%Estimate #

 0-18 Years0-18 Years

United States18.213,240,870



Alameda County12.944,060

Contra Costa County12.430,485

Fresno County31.383,435

Kern County26.662,540

Los Angeles County21.8548,487

Marin County8.43,958

Merced County28.821,790

Monterey County18.119,867

Orange County13.4101,146

Riverside County17.097,440

Sacramento County19.067,561

San Bernardino County20.6119,707

San Diego County16.6121,555

San Francisco County13.615,848

San Joaquin County22.041,994

San Mateo County8.012,584

Santa Barbara County15.714,733

Santa Clara County9.439,650

Santa Cruz County16.99,035

Solano County12.012,134

Sonoma County12.812,898

Stanislaus County19.628,010

Tulare County30.741,040

Ventura County11.623,649

For some reason, they do not breakdown the data for the 0-4 year old residents by county.

You can download the national report here.