Nowhere To Go With Her Four Month Old Baby

This is a true story from our friends at Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) in San Francisco.  Diapers and other hygiene items are one of the highest needs for families in transition.

HPP Staff with HAMO diapers - May 2009

Yesterday I met with a 38 year old mother of a 4 month old baby.  She was staying with friends and just became homeless because they received an eviction notice.  She didn’t have anywhere to go with her baby when she came to HPP and only had a diaper bag full of things for the baby.  She desperately needed diapers and wipes for the baby, especially since she didn’t even know where she was going to be for the next few days.  We were able to give her diapers and it just relieved one small worry (not really small but in comparison with her other worries).  This is an extreme situation but so many times clients have to leave where they are staying suddenly and cannnot always take necessary survival items with them.  When they come to HPP for help and need diapers it is very important that we can help them with this as babies can’t wait for a few days for things to settle down to get their diapers changed!

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter,  except for newborn sizes – we are out of diapers.  Help us fill a room of diapers for HPP, et al. in May!  If you are near San Francisco, come to our benefit party this Sunday. If you can’t make it, you can participate by collecting diapers and donating in person (Bay Area) or via our virtual diaper drive.

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