Retail Therapy for the California Budget Blues

How many times in a day do you hear bad news about the California budget and the safety net? Why not turn that bad news into good news with a little philanthropic retail therapy?

We’ve got the perfect remedy to the California Budget Blues – three new Bay Area partners in Santa ClaraSan Mateo, and San Francisco counties. Remember, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in the life of a homeless or low income family in crisis. The only reason we have been able to raise so many diaper supplies is through word of mouth and local community support. Thanks for your help in spreading the word in these counties!

Our new partners:


  • APA Family Support Services (APA) (TAX ID 94-3164091):  APA’s mission is to promote healthy Asian/Pacific Islander children and families by providing family support services to prevent child abuse and domestic violence. APA also advocates for culturally competent services for Asians and Pacific Islanders through education, community building and leadership development. APA is the only hospital-based agency offering in-home family support services specifically for Asian Pacific Islander families and children. Offices in San Francisco’s Chinatown district, and San Francisco General Hospital. Point, Click, Help via wishlist.


  • Shelter Network (TAX ID 77-0160469): Shelter Network is committed to providing housing and support services that create opportunities for homeless families and individuals to re-establish self-sufficiency and to return to permanent homes of their own. Shelter Network operates several family shelters in the county. Point, Click, Help via wishlist.


  • Support Network for Battered Women (TAX ID 94-2598854): Mission of the Support Network is to empower our diverse community to live free from domestic violence. Our vision is to end domestic violence, one family at the time. We look forward to the day that we are able to close our doors because no one in our community will have to fear harm from her/his intimate partner.  Point, Click, Help via wishlist.

Click here to find more of our partners across California and beyond.

The holidays are just around the corner! We’re working on our swell gift card offer just for the holidays! Until then ~ Give Cheeks a Chance this September!