Surprise! The South Bay Just Needed to Know

Sometimes we need a reminder:   There are people who want to give, and give big.

Thanks to San Jose Mercury News columnist, Patty Fisher, Help A Mother Out’s September “Give Cheeks A Chance” campaign was profiled on Friday.  We were thrilled to see our partnering organizations listed as well as information on how to donate via wishlists, and alternatively, via drop off at Baby Buzz Cafe in Willow Glen.

But we weren’t prepared for the massive outpouring of support.

We checked the wishlists on Saturday and quickly realized organizations had already racked up nearly 4,000 diapers through online donations in just 24 hours.   Then I received amessage from Baby Buzz that the donation bin was overflowing.  I picked up 5 cases of diapers on Saturday, still leaving the bin nearly full!

The donations keep coming.  I stopped in Baby Buzz yesterday and today for pick-ups.  While visiting today, a mom came in with nearly 500 outgrown diapers, the San Jose Mercury News article clipped from her Friday paper in hand announcing “Diapers! Diapers! I have diapers!”

I was thrilled not only to deliver diapers to M., director of the Asian Women’s Home, but toactually have so many diapers she could “go shopping” for the exact sizes and quantity diapers she needed for babies living in the domestic violence shelter.

I feel like the diaper Santa Claus this week.  I’ve done drop-offs before, but because I wasn’t expecting such a huge community response, this time is pretty special.

My truck is still packed with diapers.  As of this afternoon, there have been 6,000 diapers donated as a result of the news article.  Lots of bums covered, lots of moms feeling the love.

People just needed to know about the diaper need, where to go, and what to do.   And they did it.  Thank you, South Bay, for helping mothers out.

You can meet Sarah at Baby Buzz on September 9th from 3-6pm. Remember: We have two other Bay Area drop off locations: Natural Resources in San Francisco and SadieDey’s Cafe in Oakland.