Thank You To @CottonBabies !

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BIG THANK YOU to a wonderful mom-run enterprise, Cotton Babies for supporting our cause. They must have heard our tweet about how we had found an agency who might have some families who are in a position to use cloth diapers. A few weeks later, the UPS guy came with this amazing donation of 20 Econobum Full Kits ($999 retail value!). The kits, each containing 3 diaper covers and 12 prefolds, will be distributed to a select group of families at our new San Francisco partner agency,APA Family Support Services.

We’ll take a moment to remind you all that our primary mission is to support the work of our partner agencies. With the exception of APA, our partners have told us that the families they assist are not in a position to use cloth diapers. They include families experiencing homelessness (living in shelters or otherwise in transition), lack private laundry facilities, lack adequate transportation to laundry facilities that may or may not accept laundering diapers. It’s a very complicated issue: the economics and geography of poverty and laundering facilities, and subsidized childcare requirements. It is, as they say, expensive to be poor. If you haven’t already read our Diapers 101 post for the 100th time, take a look at it here.

Why APA Family Support Services is a good fit for this pilot option:

1) We have an adequate start up supply of diapers to give each family, thanks to Cotton Babies.

2) Clients are recent immigrants, who may already be using cloth diapering substitutes ( e.g., towels, older children’s underwear) while at home.

3) Clients do most of their laundry by hand

We’re so grateful to have Cotton Babies support our cause by donating this stock of Econobum kits. These diapers will be making a BIG difference in the homes they end up in. Please take a moment to let Cotton Babies know what you think about their donation by posting a comment below.

Hey cloth diapering parents: Check out The Cloth Diaper Foundation (fka Miracle Diapers), a non profit organization that helps families get a jump start on cloth diapering. You can mail them your gently used cloth diapers to be redistributed to qualifying families!