The Diaper Genie in Chicago

This is a great news story out of Illinois about Father Jim, a priest from the Chicago suburbs, who saw a need and decided to fill it.

The Blessing Barn is among a handful of McHenry County agencies that distribute free diapers and disposable underwear from the state’s first diaper bank. It was started by the Rev. Jim Swarthout after he met an impoverished woman whose infant son needed a diaper change.

“I said I have some diapers in the back and she said Father Jim, I can only afford two diapers a day. I clean him out and put them right back on him,” Swarthout said.

At that moment, Swarthout learned what many people still don’t know, that government aid doesn’t cover paper products like disposable diapers.

In four months, with a lot of community help, Swarthout has collected over 45,000 disposable diapers and adult underwear through his Episcopal church.

“I had a woman come in and say I was able to stay in my apartment Father Jim cause of the diapers for my child you gave given to me,” he said.

Demand has been so intense that the church decided to convert its food pantry into all diapers. Last month, it distributed 20,000 of them and that’s twice the number it originally anticipated.

Can you imagine only having TWO DIAPERS a day for your baby?

Please, please, please if you are reading in the Chicago area, go meet Father Jim and bring him some diapers!