@HealthTap To Help A Mother Out With A Diaper Pantry #hamo

Last week, right after the Glendale Drive ended, we got an unexpected email from a health technology company, HealthTap, interested in hosting a small holiday diaper drive for us at their office. Yes! We’re grateful whenever anyone wants to give us diapers!

Well, that could have been the end of the story, but of course, things have a way of happening especially during the holidays.

As I was talking with Kimmy at HealthTap I mentioned that one of our wishes for the new year was to start a diaper pantry that could become a reliable resource for the social services department over at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

Weeks ago we received a request from the family resource coordinator over at Packard Children’s Hospital. They were interested in becoming a recipient partner agency since most of the folks who pass through their department are typically under-served families who struggle to provide basic needs for their children, including an adequate supply of diapers.

Some examples of families who come through their doors: local homeless or low income families who are uninsured or under-insured; newly discharged low income mothers and newborn babies; even out of area families, from all walks of life, who stay at Ronald McDonald House while they receive out patient services at the hospital (interesting fact: young recipients of kidney transplants need diapers after being discharged).

These stories basically lit a fire with everyone at HealthTap and they pretty much immediately committed to helping HAMO build this diaper pantry. The next day I learned they already had 1000 diapers underneath their office Christmas tree and were in the midst of sending out a call to action to their network.

HealthTap’s goal is 10,000 diapers by New Years Eve.

It’s an ambitious goal, but believe me when I tell you our ambitious friends are FIRED UP to make it happen.

Won’t you help them help a mother out?

Peninsula/Silicon Valley locals YOU CAN HELP!

This endeavor will mean the world of difference to struggling families on the Peninsula and will make a huge impact this coming year on the health of local children, through Packard Children’s Hospital and beyond! This is not something HAMO would be able to do on our own within such a short period of time and we’re elated the HealthTap community has risen to the challenge.

p.s. Mamas, you may be interested to know that Dr. Greene, yes – that Dr. Greene, is on their team!). Oh yeah, full disclosure here – this is NOT a sponsored post! As my household’s self-appointed chief medical officer, I’m interested in learning more about HealthTap’s vision and simply grateful they reached out to help us build the diaper pantry.