Will You Be Our Fairy Godmother?

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine being in the position of Suzie, a single mom of two, who confessed, “I give my child less to drink so I don’t have to change her diaper as much”?

Every day, all across the country, parents like Suzie are forced to make a choice no one should have to make: the choice between using their scarce funds to purchase diapers or to purchase food for their families. As another mom told us, “Diapers are a must-have. You can’t skip them like you can breakfast.” In fact, one study reported that 1 in 3 families in the United States is affected by diaper need. And while safety-net programs like WIC and food stamps provide some help to families in need, none of those programs cover diapers.

“I can’t thank you enough for the help,” said Amanda, a Glendale mom who had the courage to flee domestic violence. “To some people it might be just diapers, but to me is being able to not just get by month by month.” Our diapers are helping her care for her toddler while she rebuilds her life, this time as the sole breadwinner of her family. “I am an ambitious woman. I work hard to provide a good future for my children, and any help I can get is always much appreciated.”

Help a Mother Out was started a year and a half ago when we first heard about moms like Suzie and Amanda. With a $100 investment and a little social-media know how, we determined to do whatever we could to help out some of the many moms, dads, and caregivers who are struggling to keep their babies healthy in these hard times. Since then, we’ve made some incredible partnerships, heard dozens of stories like Suzie’s and Amanda’s, and been humbled and awed by the support of friends like you.

We believe every child deserves a clean diaper, and we know you believe it too — because it’s your support that has helped us raise over half a million diapers. That’s a lot of diapers, but we want to do more — a lot more. In the coming year, your support will help us build our Safety Net Fund so we can bulk purchase diapers at significant discounts; establish a Rapid Response Fund, which will enable us to address diaper need during times of emergency in California and nationwide; and continue to grow our national grassroots network of moms, advocates, and supporters.

Won’t you invest in growing the HAMO community?

Your sustained support will make all the difference in helping us achieve our goals. Becoming a monthly sustainer is easy for you and provides HAMO with financial support we can count on. Will you become a charter sustainer today?

Sustainers come in all sizes:

Sustainer instructions: 1) Choose desired “Amount” 2) Choose “Frequency” “I want to make a recurring donation,” 3) Select “Monthly”

  • Mother’s Helper $5/month
  • Matron Saint $10/month
  • Mother Superior $25/month
  • Queen Mother $50/month
  • Fairy God Mother $100/month

(Sustainers’ credit cards are charged at the end of each month through our service provider, Network for Good. You can upgrade, change, or cancel your sustainer membership at any time.)

Or, if you prefer, you can make a one-time contribution in any amount. Will you pitch in $15?Remember, as a small, streamlined, highly efficient organization, we know how to make the most of every dollar.

Our vision is a day when every baby has an adequate supply of diapers. Your tax-deductible donation will help make that vision a reality. We want to thank you for believing in our cause and for putting women and families first. We couldn’t accomplish anything without YOU.

In community,

Lisa, Rachel F., Kim, Julie, & Rachel M.

Help a Mother Out

p.s. Did you know 100% of HAMO funds collected go directly to our diaper program? We are debt-free, volunteer-run and supported. Thank you for investing in our cause!

Photo from www.ObeyTheBaby.com