13 Ways to Support Our May Donation Campaign

The question we asked when we started out:

“How can YOU and your family help out others in your community?”

We’ve done just about all we can do on our end. HAMO really needs YOUR help. We can’t do it alone. Here are some ideas for you to support our May Donation Drive Campaign:

  1. Blog about it: If we are going to be a success, our campaign needs to be heard elsewhere. Blog about it on your site. Link to our donation drive page. Add us to your blog roll.
  2. Circulate our flyer: Print it out, circulate it, post it on community boards, get the word out. We have specific flyers for each of the communities we are working in.
  3. Host a bake sale: Follow the lead of Miss K and host a bake sale at your school or work (tip: pick an agency in your very own community to adopt). Use the proceeds to purchase supplies directly off one of our Amazon.com wishlists.
  4. Turn spare change into supplies: collect spare change from your co-workers, community meetings, or business events. Go to a Coinstar kiosk and redeem 100% of the money for an Amazon.com gift certificate (buy supplies off the Amazon.com wishlist of your choice).
  5. Ask local business to pitch in: This is a great one for student groups. Identify local businesses you think would be sympathetic to the cause and ask them to donate a case of diapers or supplies that they already sell (e.g., toothbrushes, personal care items). Print out HAMO flyers (check your local donation page) and ask businesses to post in their shop windows or community boards.
  6. Parenting, playgroups, preschools, service groups: Adopt HAMO’s donation campaign. Ask folks to bring extra diapers children have outgrown, along with travel toiletries and other supplies. Designate a person to bring the supplies to a HAMO drop off location. If you don’t live in an area we are in, find a diaper bank or homeless/low income agency to help in your own community.
  7. Birthday parties and baby showers: Ask people to bring a package of diapers (larger sizes most needed), new underwear/socks, or travel toiletries to your party. Donate the proceeds at one of our drop off points or directly to an agency near you.
  8. Special events: Require all guests pay the entrance fee of a package of diapers or new underwear/socks.
  9. Monthly meetings: Ask everyone to bring diapers, or new underwear/socks.
  10. Gift cards: Collect extra gift cards for Starbucks, Walgreens, Target, movie theatres, fast food resteraunts, Safeway. Drop them off at one of our drop off locations or send them to a homeless agency directly.
  11. Hold an auction: Are you an artist? Consider auctioning a photo, print, painting, or handmade craft to raise funds for an agency in your community. Use the funds to purchase needed supplies off an Amazon.com wishlist.
  12. Adopt an agency in your own community: If you are not in a community we are in, you can join in on the fun too. Adopt a reputable agency in your own community (we have some friendsthat did). Confirm they have 501c3 tax status and check them out on Guidestar . Be sure to tell them we sent you!
  13. Tell US about it: If you decide to join us in our May campaign, please come back to tell us about your efforts. Document your efforts on your own blog or Flickr. Post a comment below or send us an email helpamotherout (at) gmail (dot) com.

We are for real. This is not a joke. Ask our moms. Forget that, ask our husbands and kids. If you know us IRL, stop by and see our messy kitchens (please call first).

As Tangobaby said, “we can do great things.”

Can you help some mothers out?