Bubble by the bay?

According to this article in the SFGate.com today, San Francisco has not been as hard hit by the recession as other regions of the state. Unfortunately, the number of families on the waiting list for family shelters has increased:

Homeless advocates say they’ve seen plenty of anecdotal evidence that the economy is putting more people out of their homes. The waiting list for family shelters has increased from an average of 75 families in summer 2007 to about 165 families now, said Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness. She pointed out that many families don’t appear on homeless counts because they find temporary housing with friends or in hotels.

Friedenbach added that homeless drop-in centers – where people can take showers or stow items in lockers – regularly see more than 300 visitors a day, compared to about 200 before the recession started.

Anyone out there have any additional insights on San Francisco?