Less chronic homeless, more families – Sacramento Bee

Just read this article in the Sacramento Bee regarding a recent study on the demographics of who is actually homeless in Sacramento. St. John’s Shelter is mentioned in the article. Heartbreaking news, St. John’s has no place to send homeless families once they graduate from the 90 day program. There is no adequate affordable housing infrastructure to allow families to keep a roof over their heads.

Michelle Steeb, director of the St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children, said her program was turning away about 20 people per day in 2007 for lack of beds.

“Now, we are turning away over 300 a day,” she said. “We are hearing many stories of people affected by the economy.”

While praising the effort to find housing for the chronically homeless, Steeb said “no new housing is coming online for homeless families.”

“It’s disturbing to me that 45 percent of the people who graduate from our program have nowhere to go” after staying for the maximum 90 days, she said. “We are cycling them back out to the streets.”

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

I’ve been in touch with St. John’s Shelter. They still do need baby wipes, baby food, and diapers.Also copy paper – they have a ton of paperwork to do.

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