Do Good During the Holidays: Host a Drive

Hey folks, so the holidays are just around the corner and like every other non profit enterprise, it’s a crucial season for us. If you have been thinking about doing some good this year, now is the time for you to take action and help a mother out!

Why do we need help?

We are a small, bootstrapping grassroots organization that makes the use of every resource we are given. Since starting the organization we have always said that our success depends on the strength of caring people and their desire to build a healthy community. We choose to partner with the best organizations to get our diapers to families in need. Because of our close working relationships with our partners we know that our diapers serve the community as a hand up. Whether it is a newly homeless mom, a child in the foster care system, or parents in between paychecks, we want to be there for them and we know many in the community want to be as well.

This year has been our most demanding year.  Here are just two notes we have received from moms who have been helped by caring people like you:

“Your diapers help a lot. Because if I get the extra diapers I’ll be able to get milk and other things my baby needs. I don’t know what I’d do without this extra help.” ~ Tyronay, mom of 3 week old baby boy

“Yes, right now I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna pay for fingerprints for a job, and my diapers. If I pay for fingerprints I might not be able to buy diapers when needed. And if I don’t I won’t get the job.” ~ Dorian, homeless mom of 1

If you are interested in hosting a drive please drop us a line and we can give you more ideas on making your drive a success. info (at) helpamotherout (dotorg).

Hosting a diaper drive is super easy.

Below are some tips to help you get started. In addition to the following ideas, check out our diaper drive toolkit that is full of inspiration.

1) Set a date for your drive. If you are hosting a holiday gathering, you already have your date. If you are hosting a drive at your workplace, school, or place of worship, we recommend holding your drive for at least 2 weeks to one month.

2) Promote your drive. If your drive is for a holiday party, include the drive information in your invitation. As well, send a reminder a day or two before your event. If you are hosting a drive at your workplace, school, or place of worship get the word out in any way possible: create a flier (we have one you can use), posters, cold calling, email blasts, social networks. Be sure to include the details like: dates, locations, and purpose of the drive.

3) Organize your diapers. If you’d like to report back a diaper count tally, count the diapers by the quantity in each pack/case.

4) Remember to take a photo of your efforts to share with everyone who contributes to your efforts! We also LOVE sharing photos with our community and in our newsletter – PLEASE send a photo to us: info (at) helpamotherout (dotorg)

5) Send them away! Bay Area and Los Angeles folks, we have a number of drop bin locations where you can drop off the diapers. If you think your diaper haul needs more coordination (e.g., you collect over 3K diapers. BAM!) then please contact us for help coordinating a drop off.

6)  Say thank you! Use the photo that you took and report back to everyone who contributed to your drive. If you held a holiday gathering, simply email your guests and thank them for coming and be sure include your photo and drive results. If your drive was with a community group, share it in your next newsletter or post it on the Facebook page.

Have you ever hosted a donation drive? What made it successful?