KinderCycle in the 510


About a year and a half ago we were contacted by a new mom, Jennifer, who recently started up a parent-driven venture called KinderCycle. What is Kindercycle? Jennifer and her crew host children’s clothing swaps, mostly in the East Bay. During their swaps, they collect diapers on behalf of our families.

We’re so grateful for this partnership and simply LOVE what KinderCycle is all about: a resource for moms sharing the abundance, building community, and helping others in a fun way. If you are local, please check them out and send your new(ish) moms to one of their swaps. And remember to donate diapers!

It takes a village, ya’ll! We’re always looking for community groups like KinderCycle to partner with. If your group is interested in learning more about diaper need, hosting a diaper drive or giving back to the community in other ways, please connect with us.