July’s Facebook Super Friend – Meet Wendy

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming to bring you something shiny and new we are trying on. Enter, HAMO’s Facebook Super Friend.

We’ve got some super awesome supporters on Facebook and figured it’s high time to acknowledge how just how special we think you all are.

Meet Wendy of Wendolonia, our inaugural Facebook Super Friend:

1) When did you first learn about diaper need?

I first read about diaper need on the Rookie Moms blog when my friend Whitney wrote about HAMO and holding a diaper drive. My youngest was an infant at the time and had just moved up to a bigger diaper size, so I donated the rest of the smaller diapers that we had in the house along with a new pack that I picked up for donation. After I gave Whitney the diapers, I couldn’t stop thinking about how awful I’d feel if I didn’t have enough diapers for my little boy and I knew I needed to get involved. I held a diaper drive via my blog a few weeks later and I’ve been pitching in with HAMO whenever I can since then.

2) What is your favorite activity to do with your kids?

I love sitting at the kitchen table and drawing pictures with them. We all inspire each other and it’s fun to see their skills grow from month to month.

3) What is *the best* thing about being a mom?

I really love watching my kids learn things and seeing their personalities develop. There is always a new surprise around the corner.

4) What are your hobbies?

Oh man — I have a lot of hobbies! I’ll try almost any craft once or twice, but some of the things I’m currently doing include decorative bento box lunches, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, and canning. I also read a lot of magazine and play a lot of Angry Birds.

5) What’s your favorite quote?

I can’t say I really have a favorite quote, but this one from Amy Poehler struck a chord with me recently:

“I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.”

—Amy Poehler in an interview for Bust Magazine

Thanks Wendy for being a super hero to our cause!

Wanna be a Super Friend? It’s easy:

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3) Email info (AT) helpamotherout (DOT) org with your name, website (if applicable),  photo (if you have kids, with or without them), and answers to the five questions above.  You can also nominate a Super Friend!