Kindercycle Now Collecting Diapers for #HAMO

We’re excited to announce that Bay Area based KinderCycle will start collecting diapers on our behalf at their monthly swap events. We’re incredibly grateful to them for spreading the diaper word and giving families  an easy opportunity to give back (they also donating surplus clothing to another awesome non profit, Loved Twice!).

From their website:

Why KinderCycle?

  • Kids outgrow clothes.
  • They move on to different toys.
  • They want new books to read.
  • You need a clutter-free house.

How Does KinderCycle Work?

KinderCycle hosts monthly (or so) swap events where you get stuff you and your kids want, and get rid of stuff you don’t.

Their next swap is:

Sunday, April 10th from 10am – noon

at the South Berkeley Senior Center
2939 Ellis Street (at Ashby); Berkeley
SIZES: Newborn – 6 year olds