Mother’s Day is May 8th, Won’t You Help a Mother Out?

Updated 4/28:  We literally gave out our last diapers today and have a waiting list of agencies who need help. Please contribute however you can, every little bit helps.

We’re thrilled to announce that Huggies has just offered us a matching grant for Mother’s Day! If we reach our fundraising goal of $25K by May 31st, Huggies will match it with 100,000 DIAPERS! We have already raised $8000!

Two years ago Rachel and I decided we wanted to hold a small donation drive to benefit homeless families in our community. The media reports about the economic downturn were really getting us down and we wanted to do something small yet proactive. As we started connecting with agencies we found out that hygiene items, including diapers were a scarcity and in high demand. How unbelievable was it that children were going to bed at night with a dirty diaper.  Our first drive yielded 15,000 diapers, and today that number is well over 610,000. It’s a number to be proud of for sure, and it is because of our community’s partnership that we’ve been able to make a direct impact with families in need.

Today you still cannot purchase diapers with food stamps or WIC. You still must supply disposable diapers in order to keep your child enrolled in free/subsidized childcare. Families still lack affordable access to laundry facilities and transportation. We’ve actually had to turn away WIC programs, and other social service agencies who have contacted us desperately seeking diapers for their families, simply because the demand overwhelms the supply.

Babies suffer from severe diaper rash and other health problems when they don’t have enough diapers. It is all too common for families to choose between putting food on the table, or providing diapers for their child. Read this story and tell me it doesn’t make your heart hurt.

It is because of these reasons that our work at HAMO is not done. Far from it, we are just getting started and we can’t do it alone. We need YOU as a partner.


Two years ago we sent an email pitch to everyone in our network asking that they forget the flowers and candy, and instead, choose an alternative way to honor the mothers in their life. By choosing to donate diapers.

This year we’re asking our community to do something similar. Forget the flowers and chocolate and instead (or in addition to!) donate diapers to mothers in need.


  • Host a mini-diaper drive at your work, school, or place of worship.
  • Honor the special moms in your life by making a contribution in their honor. For all gifts madeby 11:59pm MAY 2nd, we’ll send your honoree a swell card in the mail. Simply tell us who and where to send the card to when you are filling out your contribution.
  • Spread the word: Blog it, Tweet us @helpamotherout #HAMO, share it on Facebook.

Many of us have been so blessed to provide the basics for our own families. We hope you will consider helping a mother out this Mother’s Day – believe us IT FEELS AMAZING.

Remember if you don’t, who will?

Do you want to help? In an area we are not? You can still help a mother out, keep it local, and still be part of the movement. We have a free diaper drive toolkit and sign you can use to benefit us or a diaper bank/homeless shelter/family resource center in your area.  Post a comment below with links to your diaper drive endeavors and remember to share pics on our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!