Black Friday: Give Back While Getting Back to Basics

Black Friday chatter and promotions have descended onto the interwebz.  I, for one, am staying clear of the stores since 1) I hate crowds and 2) I try my best to take part in International Buy Nothing Day. Anyways, I get that for many of us the temptation of Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, is just too much. If you are going out to brave the big box, my wish, or rather, a challenge, for you is that you also find a way to  give back this year with non traditional items.

Pictured above are a few items I would consider pivotal in my own household: diapers, pull up training pants, toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent, children’s ibuprofen, girly needs, and toothpaste.

I count myself lucky we can afford these items on any given day. If you know the back story of HAMO, you know we were appalled to learn that many families across the country lack affordable access to these items.

Consider this:

  • Under SNAP (food stamp program) you can buy energy drinks, candy, soda, and other “food items.” You cannot buy diapers, medicine, vitamins, or personal hygiene items.
  • You need a daily supply of disposable diapers for your child to stay enrolled in free or subsidized childcare programs like Early Head Start.
  • You need safe, affordable, and consistent childcare in order to sustain employment or job training. No diapers = no childcare.

For the above reasons it’s why our focus is on diapers, but the big picture issue is about allowing families to maintain the basics – including access to basic hygiene items. So when you’re out and about doing your holiday shopping on Black Friday (or on Cyber Monday), why not buy an extra pack or case of diapers to donate to your local food bank, diaper bank, or of course, directly to HAMO.

Will you take the Black Friday challenge? Post a comment here to let us know!

Inspired to act? You can help us continue our diaper program by making a monetary donation here, or if you prefer, ship diapers directly to us through our wishlist, or drop ’em off in person.