Simultaneous Diaper Collection Events: Activate!

Guess what.  It’s a whole year later and there are still people who can’t afford diapers.  Okay, so we didn’t fix the problem.  Not that we ever thought we would in one year.  But the good news is we DID make a difference – 431,450 diapers worth – since May of 2009.  That?  Is a LOT of diapers.

Last year I threw a big party to announce the beginning of the Los Angeles chapter of Help a Mother Out.  This year I’m doing things a little bit differently.  Glomming on to the new “hyper local” fad, I’m teaming up with our partner agency, PATH/Achieve Glendale, along with the Glendale Rotary Club at Noon and the Glendale Domestic Violence Task Force, to promote a 2-week long diaper collection drive – online and at physical dropoff locations.

To kick off the drive we are holding a morning coffee social on Wednesday, December 1 at 10am at the Glendale Police Station.

Representatives from the various organizations involved will be there, as well as THE FUZZ.  And possibly a K-9 Unit dog.  And maybe some cupcakes.

Come, won’t you?  Reserve a ticket! Bring some diapers!

If you can’t come, tell your friends about it please.  You can also donate a box of diapers online usingHAMO’s Amazon wish list for the shelter.  All you do is purchase an item and it gets delivered directly to the shelter.  No admin charges, no middle steps.  Your keyboard to baby’s butt.

If you are up in the Bay Area, you can participate in person!  Heather Flett, my partner ambassador in the Huggies Every Little Bottom program as well as a HAMO supporter herself, is having a diaper drive too! is hosting a diaper drive to benefit East Bay families in need of diapers (via Help a Mother Out) at Sadie Dey’s Café, December 1st between 10-Noon. Bring in an unopened pack of diapers and join the party! (Size 4-6 and pull ups are most needed).